New perlick stainless commercial glasswasher


Subject: New perlick stainless commercial glasswasher
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Perlick Corporation Stainless Commercial Glasswasher PKBR24 - Manufacturer: Perlick Corporation - Model: PKBR24
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment
Perlick Corporation Stainless Commercial Glasswasher PKBR24
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NEW Perlick Stainless Steel Commercial Glasswasher
It's also easy to use and maintain. That means minimal user training. Washing glassware is as simple as placing a rack on the divider, manually rotating it, and pressing the wash switch.
That's it. Two minutes later glasses are clean and sanitized. And, maintenance is also super quick...super easy. There's no tear down, no reassembly.
Features that Make a Difference:
- all stainless steel construction
- convenient top-mounted instrument panel is easy to see and use
- upper and lower wash arms with fan-spray nozzles clean glasses inside and out
- fill and dump cycle provides clean water for each wash cycle
- wash tank heater maintains water temperature between cycles
- metal divider separates the load and wash areas eliminating the need for curtains
- dividere safety switch stops wash cycle when divider is rotated
- peristaltic metering pumps with hand adjusted controls dispense detergent, sanitizer, and rinse aid
- illuminated sight glasses permit visual inpection of chemicl flows during the wash cycle
120 V, 60 Hz. Single Phase. A.C. 5.4 Amps, furnished with 6 foot power cord and standard 3 prong NEMA style 5-15P
Hot Water Inlet Connection: 1/2" NPTM
Incoming Hot Water: 130-140degF at 30-60 psi with a flow rate of 4.0 gal/min
Drain: 1-1/4" IPS PVC socket connection to include an air gap
Important: This glasswasher must be installed with a full flow shut-off valve, water hammer arrestor and union. Failure to install a water hammer arrestor can damage the hot water solenoid valve. Machine failure due to improper installation is not covered by Perlick's warranty.
Water containing more than 15 GPG will require a water softener. Caution: parts failure caused by hard water are not covered under Perlick's warranty.
Detergent: A heavy-duty liquid warewashing detergent containing water conditioners
Chlorine Sanitizer: Any EPA registered chlorine can be used. The EPA marking can be found on the container label.
Rinse Aid: A low-foaming warewashing rinse aid containing water conditioners
NOTE: To ensure mazimum glasswasher performance, it is important to select the appropriate detergent and rinse aid for the specific water conditions. These chemicals can be purchased from a local chemical supplier or food service distributor.
Glasses Washed per Hour: 720 (2-1/2" dia.)
Wash Pump Capacity: 24 gal/min
Note: All plumbing and chemical lines must be routed so that the glasswasher can be pulled out for service
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