New patented duck decoy igo 360 rotating keels 3000 qty


Subject: New patented duck decoy igo 360 rotating keels 3000 qty
Duck Decoy with a 360 degree rotating keel!
This item is destined to become a PHENOMENON amongst Duck Hunters across the US! Think about this for a second. If you were a DUCK which decoy set would you naturally fly into - this:
As you can clearly see one decoy set looks totally natural while the other one looks manufactured, IT LOOKS like something totally strange to ducks!
This totally natural look of a decoy set you see above is accomplished by a patented device produced by Igo Outdoors, of Boise, Idaho called the IGO 360 duck decoy. Instead of the plain molded straight keel you are accustomed to, this bird has a rotating keel that moves literally 360 degrees in 12 different positions! This allows you to put your birds in any position for a totally natural presentation!
Presently we are selling these Mallard Duck Decoys in any quantity unpainted with the keels. Because of unforseen personal circumstances the inventor had to close down the painting shop. These birds are injection molded in a state of the art facility right here in the US. You are supporting America by purchasing this product.
FEATURES of the Igo Outdoor Duck Decoy:
* the body of the decoy rotates 360 on it's keel
* the keel locks in 12 different positions under the decoy body
* keels align with wind or water current while the decoy body can be placed in various natural setting
* orange keels resemble the color of a ducks' feet
* when turning the keel perpendicular -1 inch of the keel is visible on each side of the bird from above
* allows user to place birds in a natural setting- by breaking up unnatural parallel spreads
* for effective field use (for example corn stubble) turn keel perpendicular to body, this creates a walking posture and stabilizes decoy
* light weight for easy transport
* increased movement when turning the keel one or two notches-water will hit the side of the decoy forcing it to move more than fixed keel decoys
* the large keel allows water to pass through creating stability
* the wide mouth keel system keeps anchor lines from ever becoming tangled - use the 6 inch thin lead anchors - after looping the line around the hooks simply put the lead anchor through the keel and fold it over
Please Right click HERE (and click Save As) for a POWER POINT PRESENTATION of this product in action!
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Just look at the INCREDIBLE FEATHER DETAIL molded into these decoys!
That keel screws on with a one way factory thread and then WILL NOT come off no matter what unless you exert an extreme pressure of 60-80 lbs. It will take all your strength to pop this thing off once it's been attached! If you do manage to get it off somehow accidentally, it will go back on very securely as originally attached!
For Immediate Release January 27, 2003
Introducing the worlds first duck decoy that rotates 360 on a patent pending ratcheted keel. The IGO 360 breaks up unnatural parallel spreads (from traditional fixed keel decoys) letting the hunter rotate the duck in relation to the keel while the keel holds its position against wind or water current.
The IGO 360 mold was custom designed with amazing life like feather detail and a natural (not alert) bird posture. The lightweight decoy combined with a hydrodynamic keel gives the decoy excellent movement as water passes through the keel. This movement can be increased by changing the position of the decoy and keel relative to the water or wind current.
The IGO 360 decoys are easy to use, simply hold the duck and turn the keel in any direction relative to the duck. The detents on the base of the duck hold the keel in a fixed position so your decoys can be placed in various natural settings.
Don't limit yourself the next time you are hunting ducks. Break up those unnatural looking spreads and create a realistic environment with the IGO 360 duck decoy.
The IGO 360 duck decoys are available in 3 Packs of Hens or Drakes. Suggested Retail $29.95 per package of three.
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