New orthopedic surgical table beach positioning chair


Subject: New orthopedic surgical table beach positioning chair
NEW! OR Orthopedic Surgical Table Beach Chair Medical Positioning
The chair rapidly attaches to standard OR tables via a simple clamping mechanism that engages attachment rails, and within minutes, is ready for a case. The device is totally passive (no electricity required) and relies on a pneumatic cylinder that provides continuous adjustment angles and a rigid lock to the desired position. Once secured to the surgical table, the chair allows access to either shoulder in a variety of combinations.
* Posterior Exposure is facilitated by drop panels on both sides.
* Improved Stability and patient support.
* Universal Rail Mounting System safely and quickly attaches postioner to the OR table.
* Infinitely Adjustable torso positioning with intuitive trigger release control.
* Lightweight and Compact making it easy to handle, transport and store.
* Faster Patient Positioning reducing OR time and expense.
* Rapid Change of Patient Position without compromising sterile fields.