New optim laser tripter ureteroscope


Subject: New optim laser tripter ureteroscope
New OPTIM Laser Tripter Ureteroscope
"The OPTIM Incorporated Laser Tripter Ureteroscope is designed to provide direct vision of the ureter and renal pelvis through a fiberoptic viewing system, in order to locate, examine, identify, and treat ureteral calculi, or for diagnostic evaluation of the ureter and upper urinary tract. The Laser Tripter Ureteroscope has a unique semi-rigid design, employing multiple step diameters to provide dilation during insertion.
Two operating channels are provided: 1.8 Fr and 3.2 Fr. The 1.8 Fr channel (identified by a green band around the inlet) is typically used for the passsage of optical laser fiber; it is designed to accommodate laser fiber up to 420 microns diameter. The 3.2 Fr channel is typically used for the passage of instruments, such as baskets and grasping forceps, for the treatment of urinary calculi. Either channel may be used for irrigation, as convenient. Each channel inlet has a female luer fitting that allows for connection of a syringe of tubing for irrigation purposes, or a fiber adapter.
The Laser Tripter Ureteroscope may be held comfortably with either hand. The user may, with his/her free hand, advance the fiber or inject irrigant or contrast media.
In addition, the Laser Tripter Ureteroscope is supplied with a swivel-mount light guide which may be used with illuminators having ACMI connectors. Adapters are provided for Olympus, Storz, and Wolf Illuminators.
The Laser Tripter Ureteroscope and light guide are completely immersaible, for cleaning and disinfecting."
* OPTIM Laser Tripter Ureteroscope
* Universal light guide with swivel mount
* ACMI / Olympus light source adapter
* Storz light source adapter
* Wolf light source adapter
* Cleaning brush for 1.8 Fr Channel
* Cleaning brush for 3.2 Fr Channel
* Caution and return procedure card
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