New norlok surlok ii clinching machine


Subject: New norlok surlok ii clinching machine
NORLOK SURELOK II 25 Clinching MACHINE (25 Throat) Model SL11P25
iMAGINE if you fasten sheet metal without the fumes, sparks and damage of spot welding, the predrilled holes and hassles of riveting....
NORLOK's products join metals through a unique process
called Clinching (Parental Fastening).
The use of this fastening method allows 2 pieces of pre-painted or pre-coated mild steel, aluminum, galvanized or cold rolled material without heat, fumes, rivets or damage to material surface.
The Clinchlok joint is formed when the upper tooling squeezes the two ply of material joined between the punch and die.
The amount of squeeze is very important to the strength of the clinchlok joint and to the life expectancy of the punch and die.
Note that the die is of a very special design that allows the Clinchlok to "mushroom".
The punch is also a special design and unlike a normal punch the edge of the punch is not sharp, but is rounded. This is known as the punch tip radius. Neither the punch or die can be sharpened.
- 2 ply 16 ga. mild steel (max)
- 2 ply 30 ga. mild steel (min)
* Features easily adjustable open height (eliminates pinch point)
* 60 cycles per minute @ 1/2" stroke (1" stroke available)
If different thicknesses are to be joined, the best results occur when the thicker material is on the upper (punch) side of the two ply.
The thicker material should not be more than twice the thickness of the thinner material. The combined thickness of the two ply should not exceed the combined maximum thickness recommended for the die.
Other materials can be joined with the SURELOK II as long as they are not harder than commercial quality mild steel. In most cases both ply should be of the same hardness. If a different hardness is used for each ply (not recommended) the harder material should be on the upper (punch side) if possible
the strength of a Clinchlok joint, pull and peel.
Pull is almost always stronger than peel and is less sensitive to die adjustment.
Typical joint strengths are given for commercial quality mild steel.
These should be used as a guide only.
Different materials will affect the joint strength.
If the material is softer than mild steel these strengths will be reduced according to the strength of the material.
less deflection for longer tool life
get in close for more applications
greater reach for larger parts
“Intelligent safety stroke
Simple tool adjustments - little or no setup time
Adjustable stroke - Reduces pinch point and air consumption
Completely upgradeable - add what you need - when you need it
Small footprint - requires less floor space
10 years of design experience - proven reliability and quality
Air powered - requires no electrical hookup
(1) New Model SLII P25, Performance Series with production tooling anD advanced power unit .................................................................................... $12,460.00 *
· Production series machine with additional features: production punch assembly, sAFETY sTROKE, auto return, advanced power unit and extended warranty (3 Years)
· The P-Series machine will meet the demands of a production environment.
· 3 dies included: (1) #30 & (2) #40'S WITH A #40 iNSTALLED
Delivery: Gladwin stock subject to prior sale.
1. Prices do not include freight, electrical hook-up or applicable sales tax. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.