New newton 6000W silent diesel generator - key start


Subject: New newton 6000W silent diesel generator - key start
High Quality, Quiet diesel generator for Home and Business!
10 HP, Air Cooled, Diesel Direct Injection
Large fuel tank with 9.5 hours continuous operating capability
Automatic shutdown for low oil pressure
Non-fused breaker protects for overload
Dependable, maintenance free brushless alternator
Advanced direct diesel fuel injection system
Automatic Voltage Regulator for continuous power
Generator is unopen with wheels, tool kit, DC charging cord, battery, and instructions
* 12V/8.3A (charging cord included)
* Single-Cylinder, Direct Injection Vertical,
* 4-Stroke, Air-Cooled Diesel Engine
* 9.5 hours per tank of Diesel or equivalent
ยท Low Oil, Warning System / Stop Device
* 69 to 70 db(A) at 7 meters
* Clockwise from flywheel end
This is a high quality diesel generator manufactured by a ISO 9001 company. The engine is good quality Yanmar designed.
1 year parts only warranty. We stock most major spare parts.