New mr deburr 3 cu ft vibratory tumbler finish machine


Subject: New mr deburr 3 cu ft vibratory tumbler finish machine
Mr. DeBurr 3 Cu. Ft. Vibratory Tumbler Machine
Model: 300DB. Weight: 400-pounds This Brand New 3-cubic foot machine by C&M Topline replaces hand deburring with an inexpensive solution to your finishing needs. Highly versatile and durable this machine can be used for all of your deburring, degreasing, cleaning and polishing needs! American made and assembled C&M combines Quality with Affordability into one great machine!______________________________________________________________________________
* The Mr. Deburr DB Series machines are constructed from heavy gauged steel, painted with rust preventative enamel and a fine quality oven-treated polyurethane liner.
* This machine comes complete with a fluid recirculation system, all necessary hoses and fittings. The standard sound-reduction cover and anchor bolt keep noise to a minimal, making the placement of this vibratory not an issue. Where vibratories and tumblers were once kept at the farthest point of your facility to reduce noise this machine can now be placed almost anywhere.
* C&M offer a 1-year manufacturers warranty along with Machinery Exchanges 20-day return privilege.
31 Long, 13 Deep & 13.5 Wide
5-gallons compound/water mixture
*The basic machine is constructed with a 120-volt Single-Phase motor. 3-phase machines can be substituted, by written and
approved request, for an additional cost of $80. International Hertz (50) and Voltages are also available at an additional cost of $120.00.
Complete Fluid Recirculation System
Optional Accessories & Additional Items
Media & Compound Starter Kits- Ceramic & Plastic: $200.00
Medias and Compounds available separately and price based on application.
Rust Inhibitors- for dipping parts when additional inhibitor is needed: $64.95
All C&M DB Model Machines come with a standard 1-Year Manufactures Warranty. Warranties cover replacement parts, which can be ordered through Machinery Exchange directly. Items that have misused, neglected or damaged due to improper usage will not be covered by warranty.
All Pumps included with the C&M DB Model Machines come with a standard 6-month warranty. Only 1-warranty replacement per machine is covered (as pumps are not typically covered.) Any additional pump replacements can be purchased directly through Machinery Exchange.