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Subject: New moyer diebel dishwasher machine free shipping
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Moyer Diebel High Temp Undercounter Dishwasher w/ Booster 301HT
40 degree rise Many More Models Available Below
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The Moyer Diebel 301HT undercounter high temperature 40°F rise, dishwashing machine with built-in booster. It has a maximum 13" door opening clearance, standard liquid detergent and rinse-aid dispensing pumps, top and side panels. Unit will have standard pumped drain and rinse-sentry feature to ensure proper 180°F final rinse temperature. This undercounter machine has the following features
* Stainless steel, upper and lower wash and rinse arms
* Rinse-sentry feature. Ensures proper 180°F/82°C final rinse temperature
* Standard liquid detergent & rinse-aid dispensing pumps
* Wash tank heater maintains water at required temperature
* Standard pumped drain, flexible fill and drain lines and standard line strainer for total ease of installation
* Low .74 US gal. (0.62 imp gal/2.9L) water usage per rack
* 150 second cycle time. 20 racks per hour capacity
* 13" [330mm] door opening accommodates cafeteria trays
* Energy efficient - only 20 or 30 Amp. breaker required for 40°F/22°C rise
* Complete with two 20" x 20" [508mm x 508mm] racks (one peg and one flat bottom)
* Pressure regulating valve (PRV)
* One year parts and labor warrenty
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