New montague grizzly 60" restaurant range 10 gas burner


Subject: New montague grizzly 60" restaurant range 10 gas burner
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Restaurant Oven Montague Grizzly 60in 10 Burners Gas VG60-10 w/ Convection Ovens More Models Available Below - Manufacturer: Montague - Model: VG60-10
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment
Restaurant Oven Montague Grizzly 60in 10 Burners Gas VG60-10
w/ Convection Ovens More Models Available Below
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THE MONTAGUE HERITAGE& It began in 1857, in San Francisco, California, during the Gold Rush Era. Founder Wilfred Weed (W.W.) Montague started his business in a small way selling pots, pans and general hardware items. He was known as an inventor and had a reputation for uncompromising quality. Gradually he began manufacturing "French" ranges, a combination of brick with steel ovens and tops, which evolved into the present line of ranges. In 1902 the original "Locke and Montague" was succeeded by a corporation and by 1910, the company known as W.W. Montague Company, Inc., was acknowledged as "The Leading Stovehouse on the Pacific Coast," as noted in Hammonds Handy Atlas of the World. W.W. Montague Company was succeeded by Montague Range and Furnace Company, Ltd., in 1918.
Early in the 1920's Joseph M. Whalen was employed starting out as a sheet metal mechanic and later was made foreman. He acquired the company name and equipment in 1932 when the concern encountered financial difficulties in the depression era. In 1936 the company operations were split with partner Roy Shae taking on the furnace side of the business. Joseph Whalen retained the range business and moved to Mission Street in San Francisco where he began operating under the now known name of The Montague Company.
* This item includes the following features:
* (10) 25,000 BTU Open Burners
* S/s valve panel & back riser w/single high shelf, black exterior
* Convection ovens are 26 5/8in wide by 22 1/4in deep by 15in high (67.6cm x 56.5cm x 38.1cm) and use a powerful 40,000 BTUs/hr cast iron burner
* Throttling type thermostat with temperature range of 250ºF - 500ºF (121ºC - 260ºC)
* Piezoelectric igniter for easy pilot ignition
* Bright nickel coated racks and rack guides
* Oven's protective heat barrier prevents cold spots
* "Grizzly" tough counter balanced doors defy constant daily abuse. Built to drop open and kick close!
* Incredibly reliable ovens with exclusive front venting for consistent cooking temperatures
* G60 models consist of 12in wide sections. These sections can be a combination of Open Tops, Fry Tops, Fry Top/Broilers, Hot Tops or Work Surfaces. Each burner has constant buring pilots for automatic ignition and infinitely adjstable brass valves with large, easy grip handles.
* Open Tops: are one piece cast iron sections with 25,000 BTU/HR cst iron burners per section (20,000 BTU/HR propane). Each burner has a mushroom head with spillover lip and side drilled ports to help eliminate cooking problems associated with spillovers and clogged ports.
* the recirculating air baking and roasting "muffled" oven is 26 5/8inW x 22 1/4inD x 14 1/8inH. Oven is heated by one cast iron burner rated at 40,000 BTU/HR. The three oven racks and five position rack guides are finished both in nickle. Single speed motor and fan: 1725 RPM, 1/4 HP. Motor has a lifetime, self-lubricating, sealed, ball bearings with thermal over load protection. Motor is serviceable from the front of the oventhrough the oven chamber.
* Convection Oven has throttling type thermostat with 100% safety pilot for automatic ignition. Temperature range of 250°F to 500°F. A manually operated 3 position rocker with switch controls the FAN/OFF/COOL modes. A door microswitch shuts the fan off automatically when the door is open. Thermostat is also located on the front left side and is easily accessible for maintenance.
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