New mobilsonic vue 100 handheld portable ultrasound 3D


Subject: New mobilsonic vue 100 handheld portable ultrasound 3D
Quality affordable portable Ultrasound
- USB PORT (For Memory Stick, Keyboard, Bard Code scanner, etc)
- One transducer (Your choice....)
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MOBILSONIC VUE 100 Quality affordable portable Ultrasound
Mobilsonic's hand-held ultrasound systems offer complete diagnostic capabilities in extremely compact, lightweight, and durable designs. Weighing approximately three pounds, our systems have the ability to perform the key functions of standard ultrasound machines.
* Wideband multi-frequency probes
* Brightness and Contrast controls
* Integrated 5.6 in TFT Color LCD
* RCA Color composite video (NTSC)
* 3 save recall modes - “Image, “Loop or “Cine
* Operates via batteries or AC power, 1 hour on fully charged batteries
* Battery - rechargeable nickel metal hydride
* AC: via AC power supply cord
The VUE 100 is designed to cover most human diagnostic ultrasound applications.
The UltraVet is a dedicated veterinary ultrasound scanner.
The VUE 100 and UltraVet are the only handheld ultrasound systems on the market capable of 3D imaging.
With excellent image quality and a complete line of transducers and accessories, our handheld systems cover a wide range of diagnostic and interventional ultrasound applications, whether it be in the clinic or in the field.
The VUE 100 and UltraVet were designed for use at the point-of-care. With intuitive controls and simple one-handed operation, our handheld systems offer the ultimate combination of ease-of-use and portability.
Through their mobility and affordability, the VUE 100 and UltraVet will serve to minimize the physical and economic barriers that have limited access to the benefits of medical ultrasound.