New mks astex astron ex AX7685 reactive gas generator


Subject: New mks astex astron ex AX7685 reactive gas generator
Update!!! I have powered the unit up, The software version is 1.2a and there are only 4 hours on the unit(manufacturer testing time) as can be seen in the new picture!
This is a NEW, unused, MKS Astex Products ASTRON ex AX7685 Atomic Fluorine Generator, remote plasma source, rated for 0.5 to 6 SLM (Standard Liters Per Minute) NF3.
Comes with the Installation and Operations Manual, Part No. OM86100 Rev. B May 1, 2002.
Are you looking for a remote plasma source for your laboratory or OEM tool such as Applied Materials AMAT or Novellus semiconductor wafer processing equipment? If you need a source to dissociate gasses or want fast vacuum chamber clean times or are doing 12" wafers, then this is what your looking for. This DPS is similar to the Advanced Energy line of Litmas and Xstream RPS remote plasma sources. You can dissociate multiple gas species with this source. N2, O2, H2, and C3F8, CF4 with the addition of O2 can be dissociated with this source, along with other gases. This unit uses a self contained RF mid frequency power supply that drives the dissociation process in a device similar to that of a tokamak torroidal fusion reactor. If you need atomic species at a high flow rate, wether it is for downstream plasma application or foreline gas abatement, or your experiments with ashing photoresist or reactive sputtering, this machine will do it for you.
I am selling this with a 30 day DOA warranty.
The following information is from the user manual and the MKS website. For complete specifications and information, check out these links to the MKS website:
According to the following link to the data sheet,
The following is from the above link at MKS:
The Astron ex reactive gas generator is our highest output, self-contained reactive species source for chamber cleaning and other reactive gas applications. The unique high power design effectively dissociates alternative gasses such as C3F8 and CF4. The increased flow capability provides sufficient reactive gas production for cost-effective use of these alternative process gases.
The primary application for the ASTRONex reactive gas generator is as a remote source of reactive gas to clean deposits from interior walls of process chambers using alternative gasses; or where high fluxes of a reactant species are required. By generating atomic fluorine that reacts with deposits in the chamber, new gases are formed that are easily scrubbed to minimize the environmental impact. In addition, the remote location of the plasma source reduces wear and tear on the process chamber compared to in situ RF methods.
* No Argon required during operation
* Higher reactant flow supports:
* Large chamber configurations
* Increased performance and throughput
* Continuous operation (CW), not duty cycle limited
* Reactive gas delivery at point of use
AC Power Input: 187-228 volts (208V nominal) three phase, three-wire plus ground, 50/60 Hz, 60 amps per phase.
Ambient Air Temperature of Operation: 5-40 degrees C
Minimum Water Flow During Operation: 2.0 GPM gallons per minute
External Water Connections: 3/8-in Swagelok
Gas Supply: 100% Argon required for ignition only
Up to 6 slm of NF3(after plasma ignition NF3 can be added and the Ar removed)
N2, H2, O2, C3F8*, CF4* (*with O2)
Process Gas Feed: ISO KF40 (inlet and outlet) connection
Ignition Gas: Argon Ar (100%), grade 4.4 or better.
Operation Gas: NF3 97% or better
Ignition Pressure: 1-4 Torr pre-ignition measured at the exit of the Astron.
Operating Pressure: 1-10 Torr post-ignition pressure measured at exit of Astron.
Operating Gas Flow Rate: 0.5-6 slm slpm NF3
Reactant Output: >95% dissociation measured at the ASTRON exit @ 5-10 torr post-ignition pressure measured at the exit of the ASTRON.
Chassis Size: 14.53-in. deep by 16.62-in. wide by 10.33-in. high
Weight: Approximately 74 pounds.
Mounting: Eight 1/4-20 threaded holes are available for mechanical support, four on top and four on the bottom.
Remote Control Connection: 25-pin female DB25 connector or 9 pin DB9 female connector
The ASTRONex is a compact, self-contained, lid-mountable remote plasma source.Typical applications include CVD chamber clean, FPD chamber clean, photoresist bulk ash, oxidation, nitridation, and abatement.
This unit comes with a 30 day DOA warranty. This Warranty gives you 30 days to power up and verifiy the unit is operational.
No Cables or accessories are included, just the ASTRONex and Manual.