New miller delta-fab system mig welder 951022


Subject: New miller delta-fab system mig welder 951022
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Miller DELTA-FAB System MIG Welder 951022
"Simple" best describes this system designed for light and medium fabrication. Excellent arc performance is combined with an operator-friendly layout with controls on the wire feeder so it can be used in a work cell or a remote location.
Brand New Miller DELTA-FAB System MIG Welder - Factory Fresh- not refurbished, not rebuilt, not reconditioned. Genuine Miller product - stock number 951022
Input Power - Requires 3-phase power
Rated Output - 375A at 100% duty cycle
Rated Output - 450A at 60% duty cycle
Output Power Range - 10-45 Volts
Net Weight - 381 lb (173 kg) for system; 40lb (18 kg) feeder only
24A Four drive roll Wire Feeder
Bernard Q400 MIG Welding gun and Centerfire consumables
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