New midmark ritter 222 barrier-free power exam table


Subject: New midmark ritter 222 barrier-free power exam table
Getting on an exam table can be an anxious, insecure moment, especially for elderly and special needs patients. With an incredible 18" low height, the Ritter 222 high-low power exam table makes it easy for your practice to accommodate the elderly, expectant mothers or patients with disabilities.
Patients can get on the table with no or minimal staff assistance, reducing strain on staff and helping patients maintain their dignity. Measuring 37" in the highest position, this Ritter table also has the absolute lowest and highest height combination on the market, making exams more comfortable.
The 222 Exam Assistant Drawer System provides an area to store basic pelvic and examination supplies at your fingertips. Its unique fold-down front can also turn into a work shelf for examination assistance. This makes the exam easier and more efficient for you.
* Manual gas spring-assist back
* Foot extension shelf to expand the table length
* Paper roll holder hidden under headrest
* Storage for four 21" x 3.5" diameter paper rolls