New midmark 75L universal power procedures table


Subject: New midmark 75L universal power procedures table
To help keep you and your staff fresh and alert all day, the Midmark 75L does the heavy work. Full 8-way power, unprecedented patient comfort and a multitude of efficiency features significantly improve your practice, making the Midmark 75L the table of choice.
With a low height of 19", the 75L provides easy access for patients who are pregnant, elderly or have disabilities. This drives efficiency into your practice by enabling patients to access the table themselves, while helping you and your staff position patients quickly and efficiently.
Not only can the Midmark 75L be used in Family and General Practice, but also in OB/GYN, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Colon and Rectal, General Surgery and other specialties. And, with over 30 accessories to choose from, you have the flexibility of ordering just what you need.
The optional Midmark 75LP includes the additional feature of programmability. You can simply program the table to your four favorite positions, and it will move quickly and precisely, every time.