New mid band, midland 70-1070B, 30 units in box


Subject: New mid band, midland 70-1070B, 30 units in box
Mid-Band┬ Advanced┬ Mobile FM Radio
Brand new in Box, 77 - 88 Mhz,┬ 2-way radio, 40 watts, 22 Channels,┬ Under Dash, CTCSS
This is presented┬ as a lot of 30
┬ Purchaser assumes all responsibility for the legal use of this product. Antenna can be supplied for an additional cost depending upon type desired.
For those of you unfamiliar with this type of radio, a short explanation:
The device can be set up as a base or mobile. The band 77-88 Mhz is┬ somewhat characteristic of Low Band regarding propagation. Range is dependent upon antenna height, and many other factors┬ etc. Typical mobile to mobile with properly installed antennas can be 20+ Km.┬ This product is equipped with CTCSS which allows additional receiver security from hearing unwanted signals. All components for a mobile install are included with exception of the antenna. This product is made for Midland by Hitachi-Denshi and is of superior quality.┬
Scanner Option ┬ can be added for an additional charge
Yes - we can configure two of these for a repeater -price on request