New microhardness tester age MT90 as


Subject: New microhardness tester age MT90 as
Automatic Microhardness Tester for Production and Traverse Testing Applications
This listing is for a used Microhardness testing system that is complete and in good condition. The system consists of a computer, readout unit, CCTV camera, penetrator assembly with positioning table and a small cabinet containing the positioning drivers. The penetrator assembly is the main part of the system (second picture). It has a solid steel base that has the x-y stage mounted to it. Also anchored to the base is the main support rods that hold the camera assembly, penetrator test head and the penetrator itself.
The computer system is used to position the specimens, view the magnified surface and store data. The actual operation of the tester is performed by the penetrator control box and readout (rectangular box in bottom right of the first picture). The software allows many testing programs to be stored for future use.
The unit was powered up and partially tested. We did run some penetration tests on the aluminum discs what are part of the hold down clamps and we got some readings. The x-y positioning table also seems to be working properly when being jogged through the C.A.M.S. program. The vision system provides a clear image of the test specimen on the computer screen. Overall the unit is in good condition. There is a sheet metal cover not shown in any of the pictures that is suppose to cover the computer, x-y driver box or base of the penetrator.
Please call with any questions.
* Accuracy and Repeatability: Generally within those prescribed by the ASTM standard E-18 for Rockwell hardness testing (using blocks calibrated for micro loads)
* Method of testing: Depth measurement similar to ASTM E-18 but with non-standard loads and penetrator. Readout values given correspond to Rockwell C values and are designated as HRC, but they may vary slightly from actual HRC readings.
* Test cycle speed: 7 seconds for single test cycle.
* CCTV Camera: Javelin w/ crosshair generator and through lens illumination
* Computer has C.A.M.S. software V 5.0 / W32
The image seen in the here is a magnified image of the aluminum surface of the x-y table. This live image is how the testing locations are selected as data points.