New mct-T6000 auto digital lensometer/brand /


Subject: New mct-T6000 auto digital lensometer/brand /
Marcati T6000 Digital Lensometer / Brand New
This digital lensometer is one of the most advanced lens-measuring instruments on the current market. It can work on single vision, bifocal, progressive, hard, and soft contact lenses. The measurements include sphere, cylinder, axis, and PD. Measurements for left eye and right eye are recorded separately. The data can be memorized, and printed. It can also measure UV lenses (note UV measuring function and printer are options of the instrument). When lenses with high refraction ratio are measured, appropriate ABBE value can be chosen from the menu to achieve accurate measurement reading. Lenses can be marked accordingly.
This unit comes with a printer installed.
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MCT-T6000 Auto Digital Lensometer
110V / 50 Hz (Special order only if 220V/60Hz is needed)
New, Factory sealed box (though we might open it to slip the packing list into it)
30 Pounds (including the box and packaging materials)
Standard 1 year manufacturer defect warranty as on all Marcati Optical Products
Other manufacturers sell similiar items for over $5000!
Marcati Optical is an optical supplier based in New Jersey, We offer lenses, cases, frames, equipment, and anything else that an optical store would need!
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