New mccall s/s 3 solid door reach in cooler


Subject: New mccall s/s 3 solid door reach in cooler
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: McCall 3 Solid Door Reach In Cooler 7-7070T More Coolers Available Below - Manufacturer: McCall - Model: 7-7070T
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment
McCall 3 Solid Door Reach In Cooler 7-7070T
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For over 60 years, McCall Refrigeration has supplied commercial refrigeration equipment to all sectors of the foodservice industry including independent and chain restaurants, schools and universities, supermarkets and correctional and healthcare facilities. Through the years, McCall has consistently utilized quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure the finest finished product. McCall cuts no corners when it comes to design and performance elements. McCall products are built with innovative design elements that focus on food safety and efficiency.
Our full line of reach-in refrigerators and freezers, available in 1, 2, and 3 door models, are constructed from high quality materials and offer classic design and innovative features.
* Cabinets are all metal, inside and out. The top, back, and bottom are made of galvanized steel. In addition, all seams are closed and sealed, with metal edges turned away from the exposed surface. The result is an integrated structural frame. Internal corners are coved to conform to NSF standards. Automatic interior lighting is controlled by a light switch concealed in the door hinge. The cabinet is supported on four 6 inch adjustable legs.
* Constructed of metal, refrigerator doors are self-closing and fully insulated. Their cam-lift hinges are epoxy-coated and self-lubricating. Hinges also have a safety stop that holds the door open, preventing overswing. Chrome-plated pull handles have built-in cylinder locks. The full-perimeter, magnetic vinyl gaskets are removable without the use of tools. Doors easily lift off, and door perimeters have a built-in, low wattage, and anti-condensate heater. Door openings are protected by an impact-resistant, nonconductive PVC breaker strip with no exposed screws or fasteners.
* Cabinet body, doors, and evaporator coil housings are filled with pressureinjected polyurethane foam.
* Three wire shelves are standard per section. Shelves have a runner spaced 3/4 inch O.C. with two reinforcing bars 8 1/2 inch O.C. coated with 7 mils of baked-on gray epoxy. The shelves have a saline spray corrosion resistance of 600 hours. Shelves will support 250 pounds each. They are supported on stainless steel pilasters, and are adjustable on 1 inch centers. All shelves are interchangeable and can be adjusted without tools or special parts.
Self-Contained Refrigeration
* The complete refrigeration assembly is mounted on top of the cabinet behind a removable hatch cover. Refrigeration components include a hermetically sealed compressor, cap tube, thermostatic temperature control, high-humidity evaporator coil and hot gas condensate evaporator. The system is balanced to maintain 38°F average internal air temperature. Windrunner gradient air displacement process provides even air flow and temperature control throughout the cabinet. All components are factory installed and tested, and supplied with an attached cord and plug, master switch, and exterior dial thermometer.
* Cabinet exterior: heavy gauge anodized aluminum. Stainless steel door and hatch cover.
* Cabinet interior: mill finish aluminum.
* Top mounted compressor and evaporator coil.
* Thermostatic temperature control.
* Hot gas condensate evaporator.
* Windrunner gradient air displacement process
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