New mastercycler ep gradient s thermal cycler


Subject: New mastercycler ep gradient s thermal cycler
Mastercycler ep gradient S thermal cycler new
Brand new, came to us via unclaimed freight. In original box, with all manuals, etc.
INCLUDES CONTROL PANEL! ($1995 from eppendorf!)
* Highest temperature control speed due to silver block: up to 6°C/s
* Freely programmable temperature gradient over 12 rows
* A gradient range of up to 24°C
Mastercycler ep: a system that goes farther
Mastercycler ep gradient, Mastercycler ep gradient S, and Mastercycler ep 384
Faster speeds, highest precision, more user-friendliness and absolute reliability united within a flexible concept: this is the definition of the Mastercycler ep system. In the past few years nucleic acid research has been developing dynamically. The same applies to the capabilities required of PCR Systems.
To keep pace with these technological advances, the challenges of tomorrow must be considered today. The Mastercycler ep system is today?s answer for the future.
With the Mastercycler ep system Eppendorf looks to support those working in a technologically advanced fashion with experience and a clear commitment
Faster, more reliable, more flexible?and still able to adjust to future developments despite tighter budgets?that?s exactly how a thermal cycler should be today!
Product features of the Mastercycler ep
* Extremely fast heating and cooling rates
* Gradient blocks with SteadySlope? technology
* Intuitive graphic programming
* Can be used as a stand-alone device, a ?Mini-Satellite? system, or a PC-controlled network
* Heated lid with integrated ESP technology (Electronic Sample Protection)
* Optional motorized lid for integration into fully automated environments
When heated lids learn to think
With sensitive applications, where it is important to suppress the condensation in the upper tube area from the start, the lid is heated up prior to beginning the actual PCR.
ESP technology prevents undesired heating of the sample prior to PCR. The timing of the descent and the closing pressure of the ESP heated lid are controlled electronically.
Once the set temperature is reached, the lid automatically lowers onto the tube/plate with optimal pressure applied. As a result, the samples are optimally protected during the heating process.
The ESP heated lid performs an automatic tube height adjustment for all sample tubes and PCR plates. The optimal closing pressure is thus independently calculated and selected in such a way that evaporation is effectively minimized.
In other words, close the lid and let Mastercycler ep take care of everything else!
Product features of the ESP heated lid
* Space-saving sliding lid
* No preheating of the sample
* Minimized formation of non-specific primer dimers
* Complete prevention of condensation
* Automatic tube height adjustment
* Simple, one-handed, energy-saving operation
* Motorized lid for automated use in HTS labs
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