New market forge tilting skillet gas brazing pan 30 gal


Subject: New market forge tilting skillet gas brazing pan 30 gal
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Market Forge Tilting Skillet Gas Brazing Pan 30 gal. NEW 30P-STGL More Items Available Below - Manufacturer: Market Forge - Model: 30P-STGL
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Market Forge Tilting Skillet Gas Brazing Pan 30 gal. NEW 30P-STGL
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This Market Forge Gas UniVerse Tilting Skillet is a 30-gallon (87-liter) pan body with 108,750 BTU inputs.
Our Universe Skillets, unlike those of other braising pan manufacturers that use clad plates, incorporate a uni-pan design. This design reduces the potential for leaks and eliminates the possibility of pitting and surface rust. The new center- of-gravity tilting allows for safe use of caster mounting. Our new power tilt operates smoothly, with manual override that works easily when needed, without the use of electric drills required by other manufacturers.
Automatically when the cooking pan is raised to a tilted position. The skillet is provided with a heavy-duty gas shock assisted cover with condensate vent. The cooking pan and cover are mounted to a I /2 (38 mm) square stainless steel tube frame, permitting access to floor for easy cleaning. The closed-base model incorporates easily removable stainless steel panels on the front, and left sides. The cooking pan tilts to a full till 93°. This is accomplished by a gear mechanism operated manually with a collapsible hand crank. Power tilting is also available. Both tilting methods allow complete emptying of contents under positive control.
The unitized cooking pan has no bottom welds and is reinforced to resist cracking as expansion and contraction occur. The textured cooking surface is machine-applied for a long-wearing, good appearance. The cooking pan incorporates an easy-pour lip and 5-gallon increment markings. Gas flames are applied to finned aluminum extrusions bolted to the underside of the cooking pan for better heat transfer. An interlock switch is provided to cut gas to the burners when the pan is tilted more than 10° from the normal horizontal cooking position. The counterbalanced cover is pivoted from the frame using gas shocks to assist lifting and ease of use. A lift handle is provided along the front edge of the cover. A manually opened condensate vent is positioned in the center of the cover.
The UniVerse Tilting Skillet comes standard with a solid-state temperature controller with a positive OFF position and 100° - 450° Fahrenheit scale, a pilot light to indicate when the gas burners are ON, and a 1-hour mechanical timer. Manual tilting mechanism uses a collapsible hand crank located below the control panel. A high-limit temperature control is also provided. The control housing shall be water-resistant/splash- proof.
The UniVerse Tilting Skillet Model 30-STGM will be rated at 108,750 BTU.
The UniVerse Skillet has a textured stainless steel cooking surface with reinforcement. Gas burners turn off automaticall
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