New manitowoc ice maker machine sy-1804A


Subject: New manitowoc ice maker machine sy-1804A
Manitowoc Ice, Inc. is one member of The Manitowoc Company's Foodservice Group. This group includes eight operating companies. Manitowoc Ice focuses on ice machines. Manitowoc is the largest manufacturer of ice machines in the USA!
Series 1800, although only 48.00" wide, is the largest volume ice maker in the Manitowoc product line. Series 1800 produces up to 1,880 lbs. of half dice size ice in 24 hours. Made in the U.S.A.
Anywhere in the continental U.S. (including Hawaii)
Factory-certified technician to visit your site and:
1- Check to confirm proper installation
2- Run the machine through several cycles to ensure that the machine is running properly and that no damage was incurred in transit
3- Adjust water & ice level to make sure the machine is not wasting water, while producing the maximum amount of ice. This ensures that the machine is operated at peak efficiency
> Up to 1,880* lbs. (846 kgs.) daily ice production
> Stackable, double daily ice production 3,376 lbs. (1,692 kgs.)
> Stainless steel exterior with the fit and finish of an appliance
> Patented cleaning and sanitizing technology
> New batch water system delivers better ice cube formation
> 5-Year parts/labor coverage on ice machine evaporator
> 5-Year parts & 3-Year labor coverage on ice machine compressor
> 3-Year parts/labor coverage on all other ice machine, dispenser, and storage bin components
Manitowoc Ice, Inc. is the first U.S. manufacturer of commercial ice-makers to receive ISO-9001 certification
The Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) is the association representing manufacturers of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating equipment
Potable water usage/100 lbs. of ice: 18 gallons
(Water-cooled units use an additional 160 gallons)
115/60/1. (208-230/60/1 also available.) For 230/50/1 see 50 cycle literature.
Air-cooled-28.1 (1ph) 15.5 (3ph) amps
Water-cooled-26.7 (1ph) 14.1 (3ph) amps
Air and Water-cooled - 20 amps. HACR-type circuit breakers can be used in place of fuses. BTU Per Hour: 36,000 (average) 50,000 (peak).
(Water-cooled models) Adds protection from corrosive elements.
Water pressure ice maker water in: MIN 20 PSI / MAX 80 PSI
Condenser inlet water in: (Water-cooled only) MIN 20 PSI / MAX 150 PSI