30KW diesel generator set - silent power 120-240 volt


Subject: 30KW diesel generator set - silent power 120-240 volt
Brand new 30KW diesel generator
* 60 Hz single phase
* 250 amps @ 120 volts
* 125 amps @ 240 volts
* 3.6L direct injection turbocharged diesel
* Water-cooled 4 cylinder engine
* 1800 rpm slow speed
* 48 horsepower @ 1800rpm
* 12volt deep cycle battery included
* 29 gallon internal fuel tank
* 72dB @ 20 feet
* ISO 9001 certification
* Weight: 2200 lbs
Monitoring gauges for generator voltage, current, and frequency. Engine oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, and alternator current. Electric start with main breaker installed.
Continous prime rating is 30KW.
12 hour standby rating is 33KW.
The generating set is designed to run continuously or as a back up power supply. You can expect to run for 20,000-30,000 hours before an overhaul is required. The generator features a semi-brushless design and automatic voltage regulation for reliable power. Field voltage is carried through small brushes. Line voltage is generated in the fixed stator poles.